Articles and Issues


Journal of Digital Pedagogy – vol. 2 (2023)

Front cover, editorial board, table of contents PDF
Oana Onciu3-7
Instruments of Learning: Know the Worth of Educational Tools HTML | PDF
Aleksandra Batuchina, Evelina Brazauskienė, Kamilė Kesylė, Julija Melnikova8-13
Preconditions for the development of the integrated learning analytics
and action research model for Lithuanian general education schools:
theoretical insights and research design
Marius Ivanov, Dragoș Sebastian Cristea, Mihai Vlase, Dan Munteanu14-24
Navigating Learning Paths with EDSense: An AI-Powered Learning Platform HTML | PDF
Viorela Mihăilă-Popa25-37
Early Childhood Development: The Influence of Digital Technology
on Psychological Processes and Mechanisms


Journal of Digital Pedagogy – vol. 1 (2022)

Front cover, editorial board, table of contents PDF
Olimpius Istrate 3-10
Digital Pedagogy. Definition and Conceptual Area HTML | PDF
Giulia-Miruna Cismaru-Croce 11-14
Essay on the Role of Video Games in Teaching Literature HTML | PDF
Olimpius Istrate, Simona Velea, Doru Ștefănescu 15-22
Ariadna Experiment. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education Sciences HTML | PDF